I am officially deleting this blog.

I simply do not have the time to keep it up any more, nor do I want to pay the storage fee for all the photos I have hosted on here.

I am moving on to other things. Some of those things can be found at, but not all of them. I look forward to seeing you other places around the blogosphere.

Oh, and PS- always remember that the one and only time I was ever right in predicting anything on this blog, it involved Hugh Jackman.

Peace out.


  1. Ahhhh we're going to miss you Gina. Oh wait, I stalk you on your other blogs.

  2. randydavis3875:10 PM

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  3. Jeff Reid2:08 PM

    I'm already missing you! Yeah, it's a lot of work, I know. I think you wrote some very interesting opinions and showed good taste in what you did here. Sorry to see you leave the scene. Hugs!

    Grandpa Jeff


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